This is my second challenge with my first being around 6 years ago when the challenge first came out. I would like to say I built on my previous challenge and did for a bit however due to a long period of inactivity from injury illness and other things that I won't bore you with I 'll off the wagon and stopped training and started eating crisps by the bag load.

I basically woke up one morning and thought I need to change I remembered the sense of achievement and fitness I had from the first challenge I am determined to feel like that again.


This time round I know what to expect to some degree

know it won't be easy. 

I know in the first few weeks ill want to give us due to aching all the time and craving the junk I no longer eat. (This is where I am now)

I know i'll get a burst of motivation when I start to see results 

I know ill get worried in the last few weeks that I am not reaching my goals

I am determined to do this and give it my all. I have had to tweak some exercises slightly due to having issues with my left hand grip but rather then use this as an excuse not to train I am working around it


I am doing this challenge to feel fit and healthy, have the energy to play with my kids and be able to do my trouser button up again rather then just keep going out buying the next size up.

I am week 2 and down around 6lbs. Whilst this may be mainly glycogen and water its encouraging to see a difference on the scales which until recently has just been gradually going up and up.


Good luck everyone



Feb. 21, 2018, 6:40 p.m.