Meet our Athlete - Nicholas Cameron

04 May 17

Hi guys! I first became involved in sport, as many of us do, at school - and I haven't looked back since! I was always active and carried this through to University where I coincided my passion for performing in sport with training others. I spent some time working alongside elite athletes and developing specialised performance programmes which really influenced my desire to work with folks day in day out to help them reach their own fitness goals. It's extremely rewarding to see people hit their goals, and the positive effect this has on all areas of their health and happiness! Of course it isn't always a linear progress and we have to jump hurdles or cope with adversity - that's all part of the challenge - but to stay motivated I find having a clear vision is of ultimate importance. Have your goal absolutely set in stone - then you always have a clear direction of what you want to achieve and in what timescale. Having that structure makes it so much easier to stay focused and makes it harder to justify unproductive choices to either training or nutrition!

Favourite USN Product and why?

100% Premium Whey. Such a simple product but is very effective. Super high in protein, low in carbs, and tastes amazing. Very effective product in building lean muscle and assisting in workout recovery.

Favourite type of training and why?

Resistance weights training! Although I enjoy cardio there's nothing better than the clanging and banging of iron in the gym! Developing strength has always been an interest of mine and many of my inspirations are bodybuilders from yesteryear!

Favourite healthy meal and why?

I'm really into my chicken or steak! With some flavouring, maybe a side of sweet potato and some veg with some garlic thrown in. Great for assisting in my own physical goals - the garlic is to keep the vampires away!

Favourite Meal out and why?

Chinese or Thai food. Love it! I like the variety in taste!

A Recipe you use and are happy to share with others

Muscle Fuel Anabolic French Toast! Packed with 62g of protein, 97g of carbs and 17g of healthy fats, it’s a brilliant way to fuel your body ready for a new day. If you have a different USN protein you prefer to use this is fine also!

It’s incredibly simple to make, and takes only a couple of minutes to prep. So we’ll need…




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