Meet our Athlete - Dominique Binns

03 May 17

I’m a personal trainer, online coach, influencer and bikini athlete. The bulk of my training consists of weight training and this is what I LOVE to do - weights are what have helped me shape, sculpt and change my body. I love to lift heavy and I love feeling strong & confident. I first started training around 4 years ago, prior to that I always danced competitively, so it was kind of natural that I ended up back on stage as a bikini fitness competitor in the bodybuilding world. I actually first got into training due to modelling, I developed an obsessive need to lose weight and as a result ended up very underweight and very unhappy. My reason behind training now and helping others is that I want to change the way we view fitness - it’s about being the best version of yourself, no matter what shape or size. The best you is where you are most comfortable, confident, healthy and strong - your body will show this too! What keeps me motivated is myself; motivation has to come from YOU, this can be with the help of others of course, but if you aren’t willing to get up and work for something then you won’t do it! It’s also hugely motivation for me to have the ability to inspire others. I love being in control of my own body and my own mind - that is a big reason behind why I do what I do. For me, it’s more about incorporating and shaping your lifestyle around your own fitness goals; I get up and choose to eat a certain diet, train a certain way and live a certain lifestyle because it is what makes me happy, healthy and in control.

Favourite USN Product and why?

USN Diet Whey Isolean - it’s incredible in oats, as a shake or in my yogurt! I love all flavours but my current favourite is peanut butter! YUM!

Favourite type of training and why?

Weight Training - it enables me to sculpt my body/physique how I want it to look. I like feeling strong, confident and empowered in my sessions and generally.

Favourite healthy meal and why?

ZOATS - AKA oats with grated courgette/zucchini (the courgette adds volume as well as being a great way to get more veg/greens in your diet) topped with USN Diet Whey Isolean, Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate and Honey.

Favourite Meal out and why?

I love a good steak and red wine. a typical ‘off plan meal’ would be calamari followed by a fillet steak, sweet potato chips and red wine!

A Recipe you use and are happy to share with others - ZOATS



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