Male Training Video - Legs

09 May 17

We have all seen the leg day memes on social media along with those boasting about how much gains they are getting from their leg day workouts brah. USN athletr Nic talks us through an example of his leg day workout and how to maxamise those gruelling leg sessions in the gym!

Barbell Squat

Seated Hamstring Curl

Caution: Do not ever use so much weight on the exercise that you start using swinging and jerking as you can risk both lower back injury and also a hamstring tear.

Variations: Since you have three foot positions you have in reality three exercises.

Leg Extention

Variations: As mentioned at in the foot positioning section, you can use various foot positions in order to maximize stimulation of certain thigh areas. Also, you can perform the movement unilaterally (one leg at a time).

Calf Raise with Dumbells

Caution: If you suffer from lower back problems, a better exercise is the calf press as during a standing calf raise the back has to support the weight being lifted. Also, maintain your back straight and stationary at all times. Rounding of the back can cause lower back injury.

Variations: There are several other ways to perform a standing calf raise. A barbell or a machine can be used instead as well as dumbbells, one leg or two legs at a time.

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