Hannah's Review

14 Mar 18
We recently caught up with Hannah Berry one of our many participants on our 12 Week Body Makeover Challenge. We wanted to find out how Hannah is getting on with her challenge so far and what she thinks of our products inside the USN Starter Pack.

Here is what Hannah has to say...

The USN Starter Pack is fantastic. My goals are to lose weight and tone up, this pack has everything I need.  

USN Diet Fuel and Diet Whey make it easy for me to hit my protein targets while on the go with work and two kids. I follow the USN meal plan which is great and use both proteins contained in the starter pack to help me fill the gaps between meals and after workouts. The flavours are delicious, my favourite has to be cookies and cream. This is perfect for fighting my sweet cravings. Lipo XT helps aid fat loss, the capsules are easy to swallow and already I am noticing changes in my body.  I use the CLA in the pack twice per day before meals. Green Tea is used as an energy source and anyone who is on a lower calorie diet definetely should be using these to help with energy. The BCAA capsules are really helping me recover from my workouts. I am not a sore the days after and feel my muscles and joints are becoming more efficient at recovering.

Nothing is wasted in the pack, I use everything. This has all been attainable due to the fantastic FREE nutrition and exercise plan on the BMC website. Anyone who registers on the sitr recieves a free meal and training plan which has a great variety of healthy meals that are easy to make. 

I lost 2 lbs in the first week and a total of 3 inches. I cant wait to see myself after 12 weeks. With saving over £100 and the free blender offer I'll definately be buying this pack again to help me on the final stages of my challenge. I have reccommended this to all my friends.     

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