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03 May 17

It’s that time of year again where we all panic because we spent a week eating everything in sight (I’ll admit to this!) not making it to the gym as often as would have liked due to other commitments and bank holiday opening hours, or simply hibernating because we were off work so could be a little lazier. But don’t fall into the trap of fad diets or feeling pressurised to drop any excess weight because slow loss and a lifestyle change is the best way to ensure you’re feeling and looking your best in the long term. And that’s where the Body Makeover bundle comes in…everything you need to help support your New Year goals without having to do hours of research! Team USN have done it for you:

CLA – Helps to reduce fat whilst maintaining lean muscle. Go for the CLA Thermo which will also boost your metabolism and reduce fatigue thanks to the adbmnew1ded caffeine and Yerba Mate. Alternatively, you can choose Green Tea for a non-caffeine energyboost or the Pure 1000.

PHEDRA CUT LIPO XT –  An innovative two in one clear capsule that promises to deliver the results we all aim for without any nasty side effects. The additional benefit is that you just take 2 tablets a day so no need to carry them around or remember to take them at multiple times. The CLA in the outer part is released first, and around 2 hours later, the inner cap slowly releases Teacrine, Caffeine and Green Tea maintaining a boost to your metabolism whilst inducing a thermogenic effect – essentially helping you to burn more fat

DIET FUEL – A delicious meal replacement shake – this protein shake has a fantastic ratio of protein to carbs meaning you will feel fuller for longer and not feeling hungry within an hour of using it. I would recommend replacing only one meal a day with this, making sure you keep your other meals a balance of protein and carbs or fats.

AMINO STIM – A BCAA blend this product works as an all-day pick me up, pre-workout kick or intra support due to the Teacrine delivering a natural energy source and the caffeine making you more alert. Keep it on your desk and drink throughout the day, rather than hitting up fizzy drinks or overdoing it on coffee.

And of course, the bundle comes with the USN Tornado shaker – as if we would leave that out!

Good luck and enjoy the process. Remember, slow and steady is better for long term success so stick with it and let USN support you all the way!

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